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"Hi Teena! I just wanted to let you know my gorgeous skincare set of yours that I won from Gems of Gorgeousness arrived a couple of days ago, thank you so much! The products are lovely, I love them! :-) "  Sherri Hughes (June 2013)
I replied: "Thanks Sherri - I'm glad you are enjoying them!"

"2013 Oh Natural Beauty Awards" announced our Meadowfoam Night Elixir and Immortelle Rejuvenating Creme as Highly Commended in their respective categories of 'Best Night Product' & 'Best Facial Creme'. (May 2013)

"2013 Oh Natural Beauty Awards" announced our Jojoba Facial Polish as Runner-up in the catagory of Best Facial Exfoliant. (April 2013)  :-)

"I've recently started using Tease Botanix products on my skin and have been really happy with the results. I have dry skin, particularly on my "t" zone and I found even using products that were for dry skin would still leave my skin dry and flakey. Now that I am using the Tease Botanix facial cleanser and moisturizer daily I have found that I no longer have dryness, they are rich and creamy but also light so you don't feel like you have a lot of excess moisture on your face, I have been recommending the Tease Botanix skin care range to family and friends."  Janelle Baine - Inkee Press (April 2013)
I replied: "Thanks so much Janelle - and thanks for doing such a fabulous job on updating my business cards too!"

Two Independent Beauty Reviewers trialed Tease Botanix products, here are their glowing reviews (Feb 2013):
"Oh Natural Beauty & Wellness" by Jenna Swaving -
"Pretty Beautiful" by Helene Ravlich - press, media and written communications -

"I can honestly say that I don't go a day without using your products now. Thanks to Ali at Porcelain Skin for introducing me to your range. I also promote your range to all my friends and work colleagues, I don't think my skin has ever felt as good as it does now.  To be honest, I have never really used Toners, Cleansers, etc... Used to only use "all in one wipes" which tone, cleanse, take off your make up all at once and also when I remember to, I put on moisturiser, but since Ali introduced me to your range, I have really used it every day since early January. The other night I hopped into bed without cleansing and I could feel the difference. I am turning 40 this year and so I know that I need to look after my skin. I have been SOLD on your product ;0)"
Glenda Kalis (March 2013)
I replied: "That is fantastic! Thank you very much for emailing me!"

"I recently experienced a gorgeous facial at the BOP Polytechnic where the students use your products. They were so professional and explained the natural products they were using and advised this fabulous new natural skin care range was made locally. My skin felt so amazing so I came straight home and looked you up online."
Cheers Tracy Tredinnick (March 2013)
I replied: "Brilliant to hear, thanks for letting us know - and I will pass your comment to their tutors also" :-)

"Hi Teena,  I wanted to email and say that after two days of using your products m y skin feels amazing – especially after cleansing with the Lavender Cleanser. The products smell divine and my skin feels just lovely after I have applied them – clean, fresh and soft. I am looking forward to purchasing further products in your range. I will certainly be back for more – products and treatments."
Emma Harvey, NZ Chamber of Commerce, Tauranga Business Centre Administrator. (2011)
I replied, "Thanks Emma, it was a pleasure meeting you!"

"I have been using Tease Botanix products since May and I will never look back! I have used many products before and never have I fallen so in love as I have  done with the Tease Botanix range. Finally I look no further and can be rest assured my skin will continue to flourish, its so silky smooth and I just love the yummy smell of the Anti oxidant cream. I love the passion of the lady behind the product, Teena Cooke. This truely is her baby and you cant help but be excited about the brand and all that comes with it...which just happens to be the greatest facial products ever!’
Angela Crook – Interiors by Design One (2011)
I replied: Thanks Angela, you are a gorgeous woman, who I am proud that is using my skincare products and representing them so well. xo

"Hi Teena,  I was the winner of your glorious pack of Tease Botanix goodies via the Sun Live competition.  I just wanted to let you know that I started using my products about a week ago and just love them. One thing I really love is the lovely scent that I can smell all day from the ACE Anti-oxidant Creme. I also love how you only need a small amount as all the products go so far. I'm hooked!"  Kind regards, Jennifer. (2011)
I replied: Great!!!  Thanks Jennifer for letting me know!

"Hey Teena - I just wanted to share with you the amazing transformation my skin has been through in the last month since using your products. My blocked pores and problem areas seem to have disappeared and my skin feels smoother and looks brighter. Thank you - I'm hooked!"   Michelle M.
I replied: Oh thanks for that hun! I'm so glad you are happy with your products.

"Hi there, I just wanted to say how much Im loving the Tease Botanix range. My skin is amazing, its feels so silky smooth and it used to be so dry! The antioxidant creme is my fav! When Im applying I like to linger round the nose area so I can take in the yummy smells. The polish is so beautiful too! Thanks for the tips with my nightly cleansing its working fabulous!" :)  Angela C (2011)
I replied:  Thanks for that Ange! I may have to enlist you when we do our videotaping for UTube TV channel! xox

"Just had an amazing facial at Gratify with the Tease Botanix range - bliss! : )"  Kirsty H (2011)
I replied: Thanks, I'll pass that on to Holly!

"Hey Teena I just LOVE the Tease Botanix products that I've started using. They are exactly what I have been looking skin is saying 'thank you thank you'! And of course I think of you every time I use them!! xx"  Fiona C. (2011)
I replied:  It was soo great seeing you last week!  Where has 20 years gone?  I'll start saving to visit you in Aussie next year for sure. xox

"Thanks Teena for your beautiful gift for our Pamper evening fundraiser and the generous vouchers from your stockists. Was a great evening. Can't wait to book in for a facial. Hope you get many orders from it."
Cheers, Kerry (Te Puna Community Kindergarten, 2011)
I replied: I am so glad to hear it was a great night Kerry! And you are most welcome! Enjoy your facial, I know our stockists were thrilled to be involved too.

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