Chamomile Spritzer 100mls

Chamomile Spritzer 100mls
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Our Chamomile Spritzer is a favourite for those who wish to have a 'toned' effect without any of the common ingredients associated with commercial toners.  Our Spritzers contain NO alcohol, or other drying ingredients..just pure plant based Hydrating water distilled with soothing botanicals.  Chamomile is used to soothe, calm and cool. 100mls

This product is certified as "Cruelty-FREE" by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), and passes the strict criteria to display the SAFE logo.

Directions of Use:  After cleansing, spray Chamomile Spritzer onto your face, before applying chosen Day Serum, &/or Moisturiser.  Can be used to calm irritated skin, cool you while in hot weather, or simply refresh yourself during the day ... even over your makeup.  

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