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Meet Teena Cooke

Teena Cooke, creator of Tease Botanix products and Director of Tease Organix Limited, developed a passion of herbal gardening, herbal medicine, nutrition and health when her own health suffered due to a chemical “overload” in her system.

During Teena's journey back to well-ness, she ate organic home-grown food, exercised daily and was selective about what beauty care products she used. A decision to completely remove herself from her ‘chemical’ work environment was inevitable, so she sold her hair salon in 2000 and joined the NZ Police. She moved to Auckland where she found a beautiful organic lifestyle block to live on. It was here that she started making products for herself, with her family and friends unwittingly being her guinea pigs. Her successes coupled with the encouragement she received, a small cottage business started.

In 2006 Tease Organix Ltd was formed, and she started selling her products, then called 'Tease Organix',  at the local Farmers Market, then her first online webstore followed shortly after.

Early 2011 a complete redesign was undertaken, resulting in the new look, & name,  “Tease Botanix”, being launched in April 2011.  Tease Botanix beauty care products can now be found exclusively in Beauty Therapy Clinics and Spas throughout the North Island.

Teena is a qualified Hairdresser, Nail Technician, Beautician (NZQA, CIBTAC) and Pastiche Skin Technician, who enjoys creating new skincare recipes and promoting her message about using natural plant based beauty care products through public speaking events. She enjoys homelife in Tauranga with her German Shepherd dog Mace and 3 cats ... with her friends and family nearby.

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