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Special Feature Article

Fabulous Jojoba and Rosehip Oils feature greatly in our Immortelle Rejuvenating Creme  ...

To view Immortelle Rejuvenating Creme, or order it online, click here.  Or read more about it below ....

Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia chinensis) is extracted from the the seeds of a plant that grows in desert regions.  It's not a true 'oil' , but an ester ... a liquid wax with a similar structure to human skins' sebum.  This makes it a perfect 'oil' to incorporate into some of my products.  Jojoba Oil is known to rejuvenate the skin, whilst protecting the skin from harsh environments ... so again, perfect for my products ... especially Immortelle Rejuvenating Creme!

I started using Jojoba Oil many years ago, discovering its power when I experienced 'adult acne'.  I still remember counting 24 very sore and ugly cysts on my face, which developed due to the stress I was under following my marriage break-up.  Hard times indeed when I owned my hair salon, was 26years old, and infront to mirrors all day, every day!  I took to using pure Jojoba oil on my face at night, and it certainly helped.  But as some of you may know, only time heals the stress of certain circumstances.  I was lucky I did not suffer any scarring, and I do attribute that to using Jojoba Oil.

So not only do I blend in pure Jojoba Oil into our Immortelle Rejuvenating Creme, but I use a large amount of organic Rosehip Oil too.

Rosehip Oil is unique among vegetable oils.  It contains retinol (Vitamin A), is high in vitamin C and essential fatty acids (omega-6 & omega-3).  It is used to treat dermatitis, acne and eczema, is great for mature and sun burnt skin as well as wrinkles.  It is frequently used to heal scarring and diminish photo-aging.  Vitamin A helps to delay the effects of skin aging, assists with cell regeneration, promoting collagen and elastin levels to increase, which results in firmer, smoother, more youthful skin with greater elasticity. Phew! What a powerful little hip!!

Tease Botanix Immortelle Rejuvenating Creme is a fabulous moisturiser - it is perfect for normal, dry, mature or environmentally stressed skin types.

For normal skin or environmentally-stressed skin, use it at night.  For dry or mature, use morning, and at night in combination with Meadowfoam Night Elixir.  To view Immortelle Rejuvenating Creme, or order it online, click here.

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