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Botanical Products: Our Skin Care Range

Botanical productsOur botanical products are carefully crafted from the finest plant-based ingredients.  Teena has hand-made her products, bottled and labelled in small batches for her customers since 2005.

In 2011, due to expansion, Teena passed part of this process on to the finest laboratory we could find in New Zealand.  Under strict guidelines, Tease Botanix botanical skincare products are made to Teena's exact recipes.  They ensure the 'secret' ingredients Teena pre-mixes are meticulously blended throughout our botanical creme bases.  The laboratory's bottling and manufacturing processes give reassurance to our stockists and customers that all care and attention has been adhered to.  As many of the ingredients are naturally sourced, occasional colour or consistency may vary from batch to batch but this does not effect the quality and efficacy of our fabulous botanical products.

Truly Botanical Products

Tease Botanix wholeheartedly embraces the use of natures’ ingredients, pure botanical extracts and top quality plant oils to enhance beauty and well being. We believe that Nature provides what beauty requires and our saying “Nature in a Bottle” symbolises our commitment to efficacy with using what Nature has to offer, with what man has learnt to capture.

We use recyclable glass bottles & pots for our retail/homecare range (plus BHA-free plastic bottles for our professional-only range) to ensure that the toxins found in many mainstream plastic containers are not absorbed by you through your skin. We only use 1% preservative in our products, and use truly natural or, where we have no option, naturally-derived ingredients.  To ensure you get the best out of our botanical products please keep them out of direct sunlight, store in a cool, dark place with an even temperature, never use your fingertips to scoop product out of its pot, and use within 12-18 months of opening.  Due to the high amount of active botanical ingredients we use, we recommend that a skin patch test always be performed before introducing any new product to your skin care routine.

Mother Nature is amazing, she offers us plants to heal, to stimulate, to soothe, and we embrace her knowledge. We carefully blend botanical extracts of her gorgeous exotic flowers, herbs and fruit oils, to create beautiful skincare products chock full of powerful anti-oxidants and natural goodness. The key to good skincare are powerful anti-oxidants and pure ingredients... in Tease Botanix we have them in abundance.

Tease Botanix, Botanical Products – Nature In A Bottle

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