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Botanical Skincare - The Philosophy Behind Our  Products

botanical skincareTeena Cooke, creator of Tease Botanix skincare products, developed her knowledge of herbal gardening, herbal medicine, nutrition and health when her own health suffered due to a chemical “overload” in her system. She developed an entire skincare range, (retail & professional-only), that encompasses her passion & philosophy. This is the result ...

We believe that nature is here to help, teach and guide us. We love plants and flowers and all that they represent to us. Our skincare products are plant based and free of the known nasty chemicals that can upset the delicate balance of your face and body.

This means we DO NOT USE petroleum based ingredients, parabens, sodium laurel sulphates, propylene glycols, silicone, artificial colour or synthetic perfume in any of our botanical skincare products.

We use recyclable glass bottles & pots (plus BHA-free plastic bottles for our professional-only range) to ensure that the toxins found in mainstream plastic containers are not absorbed by you through your skin.  And because we love animals too, Tease Botanix skincare products are NOT tested on any animals, only willing humans. :-)

Tease Botanix - The Botanical Skincare Company that "Cares"

Our core business values are: “Commitment to efficiency, total transparency and sustainability”. We are about the collection and combination of synergy and working together. As a botanical skincare company, we are not about generic mass marketing, but we are about synchronicity and cultivating a win/win/win relationship for all involved. We believe that working holistically is best for all concerned and we constantly aim towards achieving this balance.

We constantly source top quality ingredients, research new ideas, and strive to provide the best service and beauty care products for our clients and customers. Whether you have dry, oily or combination skin, Tease Botanix has a range of botanically-based skincare products for most skin typesView our botanical skincare shop & product range

At Tease Botanix we are regularly looking to introduce new plant based skincare products into our range. Keep up to date with our latest news & offers by:

Tease Botanix... Plant based botanical skincare and beauty care that is kind to your skin and the environment

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