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First blog on the new website.  Now, I am writing this at some obscure hour a few days prior, so that all is up and running for the first official day of Tease Botanix!  Rebranding ... what a journey!  Firstly I'd like to thank Sheryl of huiadesign for creating our wonderful new look out of the musings between myself and Angela (OneGoodIdea), which I am sure made the ensuing projects for Michelle (Printstop), Drew and the lads (Aztech), and Sharyn (Pukeko Print) easier to do.

Anyway, Welcome to Tease Botanix blog ... this will be for those little snippits of information and thoughts that constantly float around in my head, inbetween our monthly E-Zine.

It's official, we are breaking into retail!  Thus the rebranding, the snazzy new look, new name, new product names (but same beautiful recipes), new website, new everything ... but same old me! lol!  The decision to rebrand was for expansion, and yes expansion in a 'recession' may sound crazy to some, but not so for us in the natural beauty care business!  It is well known that when things get abit tight we look back to nature for inspiration and guidance, we look at better value for money, better efficacy to what we are using, and a little bit of something beautiful to make us simply feel good.  Tease Botanix new look and total feel encompasses all that and more.  What is in our bottles is fresh, new, effective, floral, botanical, with a hint of vintage and old-fashioned goodness ... in fact "Nature in a Bottle" ... I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy creating it!

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