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Well I am sitting at the dining room table, in the sun, with a thick 'cardy' and a scarf on, taping away on my laptop.  Lol, boy does that sound attractive ... 'cardy' and scarf ... but actually the scarf is gorgeous and new (thanks to the 50% sale at Heaven Boutique, Bethlehem Shopping Centre - love that shop in sale!).

So 5 years of nil heating in my cold west/south facing house (the view is to die for) I now have my free-standing fireplace in and it has been pumping out the heat, but besides yesterday when the cold snap (ie: southerly wind) was upon us, I have refrained from lighting it during the day and therefore churning though my firewood ... thus the new scarf purchase this week.  :-)  Did I mention it's quite gorgeous!  Pretty blue/grey ... goes with everything!

I don't know about you, but my skin does take a battering in the wintertime.  This is the third winter in a row I've noticed my fingernails go brittle and peel (us 'Cooke' women normally have awesomely long strong nails, so this really bugs me), and my skin is feeling alittle itchy and dry.  I do have a wonderful bath tonic though ... throw a handful of rolled oats and a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil under the tap while you are running the bath (or do we say 'drawing a bath'??) ... Anywho ... it works a treat.

I did just that when I had my 'pampering evening' the Friday night prior to exhibiting my products at the NZ Beauty Expo in Auckland 2 weekends ago,  I popped a home-made honey mask on my face, mushed cream and avocado through my hair, shaved my legs ... and was feeling fabulous the next morning (despite only having 4 hours sleep ... excitement mixed with hotel bed I think).

Anyway ...  to pre-warn all who do read my blog ... look out for the August newsletter (sign up for it if you haven't already, the form is on this page too) as I have 3 new products being launched during August.  My Beauty Therapy stockists have had 2 samples sent to them this week (they are eagerly awaiting the 3rd I'm sure), and they all will be a welcome addition to the Tease Botanix range.

Sooo, until then, wrap up, keep warm, make lots of yummy vege soup (mine is to die for!!), and keep yourself and your skin hydrated .... and remember Rolled Oats and Lavender Essential oil!!



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