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Wow, why did I decide to jump on the scales on New Years Eve while consuming a few too many yummy creamy delicious cocktails with good friends of mine in Masterton??  DEPRESSING!!  Where on earth did those extra 3 kilos over my 'top end' weight come from??  Sigh .... I know, I know ... what goes in must be countered with exercise :-(  And not much of that has been happening the past 12-18 months I can tell you.  With business moving along at a steady pace, its been hard to 'find' the time - and all the other excuses I could come up with springs to mind.
Anyway, on the 2nd January I decided to change my eating habits - omit crackers and cheese/creamy spreads for a slices of cucumber with hummus, drink more water during the day, and walk my dog in the cool of the morning instead of giving up on that idea as the air is still hot at 8.00pm!
And heres a link on good detoxing ideas too .... I'm going to up my efforts I think as I'm already feeling less bloaty :-) 


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