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Well, Christmas is over, and the New Year celebrations are done with, and with a wet week inbetween alot of us were feeling the strains of a hard year - hoping that when it turned from 2011 to 2012 something magic was going to happen ... well it did!

Nearly everyone I have spoken to cites 2011 as one of the worst years they have experienced for a long time.  I count myself in that role call for personal reasons, not business thankfully - it was my annul horriblis (oh you know, what the Queen said in the year of divorces within her family).  Business grew from strength to strength during tough economic times, while my relationship faded beyond repair due to unrelated external forces.  It was tough, but it probably spurred me on to work harder, thus the growth - so lol, could I count that as a 'blessing' after all??!!

Anyway, 2012 started well, spending it with one of my best friends family - who I adore.  I laughed, danced and had a glass or two of bubbles, drove home through a checkpoint knowing I was perfectly able to do so, and the next day woke up to sunshine and a vege garden begging for attention.  I enjoyed an hour or so picking fresh veges (and weeds) while my cats and my dog watched, before the day really began.

I also decided this year was going to be the best yet - positive energy out means positive energy flowing towards you.  And I - through my business - will pay it forward this year.  Instead of our usual '"percentage of our profit going towards a charity", this year I'm paying it forward - already knowing our profits will cover this = POSITIVE THINKING!    So this morning I have been online and have sorted out monthly donations to World Vision, became a Guardian Angel (for abused children in New Zealand - something very dear to my heart from my days in the Police), and our local SPCA.  This will be on top of the clubs, groups & associations I normally get asked to donate products to for their fundraising purposes.   :-)

Pay it forward people and lets see if we can collectively lift this positive energy most of us are feeling even higher, now that 2011 is behind us.

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