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Natural Botanical Skin Care - Botanical Infusions

Have you ever noticed flower gardens are full of colour and vibrancy? Wild flower fields
natural botanical skin careattract bumble bees while petal hopping insects go contently about their business. Mother Nature encourages this type of botanical infusion to connect the best that she has to offer.

Pure & Natural Botanical Skin Care Directly Inspired By Mother Nature

At Tease Botanix we take our cue from Mother Nature with our natural botanical skin care range. Tease Botanix natural skin care products work in synergy with Mother Nature and You. We blend a little bit of nature, a little bit of goodness and create natural botanical skin care products for you… Nature in a Bottle.

At Tease Botanix  we combine a range of  quality, natural ingredients that include amazing botanical extracts, natural plant/fruit oils in combination with extra anti-oxidants to help keep your skin in tip-top condition. We all love to have beautiful, soft and supple skin,  by introducing Tease Botanix natural botanical skin care range into your skin care routine,you will soon discover how you can achieve a natural, healthy, glow to your skin's complexion. Whether you have dry, oily or combination skin, Tease Botanix has a range of natural skin care products for most skin typesView our natural botanical skin care product range

If you are interested in Becoming a Stockist, call Tease Botanix Head Office in Tauranga on 0800-832736, or: 07-5700971.  Or email Teena directly on: and we will reply asap.

natural botanical skin careOur products have just been awarded the prestigious Blue Badge from SAFE have checked out our products and deem us SAFE – (that our products & ingredients are not tested on animals).

At Tease Botanix we are regularly looking to introduce new natural botanical skin care products into our range. Keep up to date with our latest news & offers by:

natural skin care created by Teena Cooke natural botanical skin care natural skin care created by Teena Cooke

Meet Teena ... 

Teena Cooke, creator of Tease Botanix botanical skin care products and Director of Tease Organix Limited, developed a passion of herbal gardening, herbal medicine, nutrition and health when her own health suffered due to a chemical “overload” in her system.


Nature in a bottle

Tease Botanix botanical skin care wholeheartedly embraces the use of natures’ ingredients, pure botanical extracts and top quality plant oils to enhance beauty and well being… READ MORE >>

Our Products

Tease Botanix – nature in a bottle. Our fabulous natural skin care products are a delight to use, a pleasure on your skin, and a relief to your senses knowing we use no known harmful ingredients … and were voted finalist in “Best Natural Range”!

Tease Botanix, Natural Botanical Skin Care Range, or as we simply say ... "Nature In A Bottle"

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